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Since I started YouTube (my fashion and beauty channel) in 2008, a lot of people always ask me about my hair style. So I made a video about it before. But since then, I still get a lot of questions about it so I thought I'd make an updated version of that video. Here's the video explaining what hairstyle I got.

  • My hairstyle is called layers.

  • Tell the hairdresser how long you want your longest layer to be and how short you want the shortest layer to be.

  • Ask for the longest layer to be thinned out a little. And cut it in a V shape rather than a straight cut.

  • For the fringe, ask for a side swept fringe.

  • As for growing my hair this long, I don't take any supplements or anything to help with hair growth. It just naturally grows out really fast. Also, when I get a hair cut I only get it trimmed a little.

Oops, my bad. No pictures of my hair though. Sorry.

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My name is Tiffy. A twenty-something registered nurse based in the UK. I'm also a YouTuber. My channel is mainly about beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos which includes travelling abroad and doing plan with me videos with my Happy Planner.

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