my chocolate Buttons


I'd like to dedicate this post today to Buttons. My chocolate coloured bunny that recently passed away on August 4, 2013. It has been hard for the family to loose such a precious little fella. He was part of the family. What hurts more was it all so sudden. I didn't see it coming. But life must go on. He gave us all a meaningful lesson and I will cherish that forever. I will cherish all the memories I had with him. I miss his chubby cheeks, that gorgeous round head and feisty little attitude. He sure was one of a kind. I'm sure Coco misses him a lot. We've been giving all our attention to my other rabbit Coco as he seems very lonely. He lost a brother and a best friend. I didn't want to at first but we got him another bunny friend for a companion.

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