Gran Canaria Photo Diary


Hello lovelies. Apologies for the very lack of posts on this blog. I feel as though I have neglected it yet again. Fret not! I will be blogging a lot more this year.

Anyway, one of the goals that Jeth and I have set for this year is to travel more. We're hoping to visit a different country every month. This January, we went to Gran Canaria in Spain. It's actually my third time visiting Spain and I feel as though there are still a lot of places to visit. So we may be going to Spain a lot. I definitely would like to visit Madrid! Anyway, so yeah, we went to Gran Canaria for a week's holiday. It was during Jeth's birthday and our anniversary so it was a nice getaway.

We stayed at the Blue Bay Beach Club which was nice as it was an apartment so we got to cook our own food when we felt like it and it actually felt like we were right at home. The resort was situated in Bahia Feliz which is about 10 kilometres away from Playa del Ingles. Bahia Feliz is surrounded by different resorts and hotels. I recommend it for families as it's a lot more quieter and safer than Playa del Ingles.

We actually vlogged the entire week so head on to my channel and also Jeth's vlog channel as we both vlogged the whole trip.

Unfortunately, we didn't really get the chance to see the whole of Gran Canaria as we didn't rent a car and relied on taxis the whole trip. We are planning on going back some time this year with the plan of renting a car to tour the whole island.

Here are some photos from the trip. My next blog post will be on my Morocco trip that I went to this February.

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