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I started writing this post at the end of February, but somehow it disappeared. I didn't have any chance to rewrite the blog entry because I've been busy with work. So here I am trying to write this post again because I'm going on holiday again at the end of June; therefore my workload is piling up for my travel diaries.

Back to the topic, Jeth and I went on holiday to Agadir in Morocco back in February. It was a spur of the moment thing booking a trip to Morocco while we were still on holiday back in Gran Canaria in January. Initially, we planned on going to Paris for a romantic holiday in the city of love but sun and sea sounded like a better idea at the time, so we decided to go to Morocco.

We stayed over in Kenzi Europa, which had two pools and pool slides (bonus). You were greeted by a bellhop as soon as you've checked in to take you to your room as the rooms were unnumbered. The room was sleek, spacious and modern. We had a room with a pool view. The actual hotel is only a few metres away from the beach which they have a private spot. There are a handful of restaurants nearby which is very convenient. Opposite the hotel was a mini souk for tourists around the area that is far safer than going to the Souk El Had.

The climate back in February was around 20 degrees Celsius. It was warm with a mild breeze, so it was lovely. We arrived in Agadir late in the afternoon. There were a few other planes that have just arrived. Passport control took a while to get through as it was jam packed with other tourists. We waited for an hour and twenty minutes until passport control saw us. The queue system was rather confusing as there was a queue for fast transit and a normal queue. The rapid transit queue was unclear as to what it was for as it looked like a connecting flight queue rather than part of the passport control. There were no attendants around to guide you as soon as you get in passport control, so as you can imagine it was rather chaotic.

We eventually managed to get out of passport control and on to our airport transfer. We use Sun Transfers for private airport transfers as it's a reliable company.

Although we were looking for the sun and sea holiday we didn't dip in the beach. The weather was not hot enough for that. So we went ahead and did a couple of excursions instead.  Seeing as we were in a North African country, we went on a camel ride, why not? It was an unforgettable experience trekking through the eucalyptus forest and into the small tracks of Berber villages. I've not been on a horse before let alone a camel so this was a tick off my bucket list.

The next excursion that we did was a buggy tour of the Taghazout mountain nearby Agadir. It was a scenic view but rather scary because of the narrow roads on the way up. The climate was a little colder at the top compared to the town, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Agadir is not a traditional Moroccan city in my opinion. It was more of a Mediterranean feel compared to the Arabian charm of Marrakech. If you're looking for a relaxing and romantic holiday, then Agadir is your choice of city.

We actually vlogged the whole trip, so make sure to check out my YouTube channel -

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