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I deserve a big slap on the wrist . I have not been updating this blog for a very long time. But fret not, I will now.  That's one of my main goals for this year. I'm going to take blogging seriously again. I keep saying this but this time it's for real. I have privatised majority of my entries dating back from 2009 from when I first started this particular blog. I want to start fresh-ish. I'm currently out of town at the moment so I have no means of starting this blog just yet as I have no topic to blog about. Even if I did, I won't be able to upload any photos with the blog entry so perhaps next weekend?

Anyway, the other day, I have uploaded a new YouTube video. It's a makeup video. It's been a while since I've actually uploaded on YouTube too so it's not just my blog that I'm neglecting. The last upload was my Croatia travel vlogs which was back in October. I just lost all interest in social media for the last few months. But recently, I started feeling better about everything. I'm starting to feel better about myself as I'm now frequently going to the gym and got myself a personal trainer too. I've also become more interested in watching fitness vlogs. I used to skip those vlogs before. I found it boring but I'm totally addicted now.

Back in December, I got rid of my Ford Fiesta and got myself a new car. It's a Mini Countryman which is what I've always wanted to have but was too scared in the past as it looked so big. But it's actually a great car to have. It's not really that big and I love it.

I might upload a vlog video some time this week. It's vlog clips from December to last week. Just showing you all what I got up to. I think I'm going to edit the vlog with a voiceover seeing as it's more of a catchup vlog from the last few months.

I'll leave you with my new makeup tutorial and a music video from Jeth.

GRWM: Morphe 35O palette & ColourPop StingRaye | vaniitydoll 

We Could - Jeth Infinite x Mic Blessed [ Music Video ] New RnB 2016

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