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Hey lovely people! I can't keep up with updating this blog. I'm so totally behind on my travel posts! I still need to write up about Malta, Portugal, Turkey and Croatia! But I'm hoping to do that next week. For now, let me update you all with my silver hair tutorial and maintenance.

So, if you've been following me on my instagram then you know I've been trying to achieve a silver hair colour since November 2014. It's been a slow and gradual process but I've now achieved it. Initially, I had to bleach my hair to a bleach blonde colour to almost white blonde. I then use a silver shampoo and silver toners to bump it up to a silver colour but that was only semi-permanent. Back in June, I found out a way to dye my hair to a PERMANENT silver hair colour! YAS!!!! You read that right!


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My name is Tiffy. A twenty-something registered nurse based in the UK. I'm also a YouTuber. My channel is mainly about beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos which includes travelling abroad and doing plan with me videos with my Happy Planner.

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