Hi there, my name is Tiffy and welcome to my blog 'The Vanitydoll', my online chronicle of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I'm a Registered Nurse by profession. Blogging and vlogging is my creative outlet away from the nursing and medical world (and honestly, it just helps keep my sanity!).

I started blogging back in 2006 when blogging was just an outlet to write your thoughts and feelings - like a diary but for the whole internet to read! In 2008, I discovered YouTube and beauty tutorials which sparked my passion in creating videos. Since then, I have been on and off blogging for the last decade as my main focus was creating content for YouTube. I have now decided to focus my time and energy on both platforms which should be fun as I need a bit of creativity in my life again! So I'm starting fresh on the blogging world and welcome to the rebirth of 'The Vanitydoll'. Here you will find topics about beauty, fashion and lifestyle and perhaps some travel posts here and there.