PR Enquiries

If you are a PR or company interested in me reviewing or testing out your products email me at with the title "PR". Also, please specify as to where you've come across me whether it'd be on my YouTube channel, blog, Twitter or Facebook. If you are also interested in sponsoring me for a blog or YouTube giveaway email me with the title "PR giveaway" including all the details.

Please bare in mind that I do not take or accept any compensation in return for a favourable review. Please do not even suggest paying me in return for a positive review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Also, it would normally take me 3-4 weeks or probably longer to test out the product for a detailed review. I like to test the quality and longevity of each product sent to me for review purposes.

If I did not like your product completely, I would not do a review on it as I do not see the point of ruining a company or product. I may, however, let you know about it and may give out some pointers on what you could improve. I will only review items that pertain to the theme of my blog/channel, which is beauty and fashion related.